Every birth in Black and Pacific Islander communities in San Francisco is a healthy birth by 2030.
Mothers get the support they need to be less stressed, including housing and support networks.
Women are getting respectful care, and their health care providers understand the impact of systemic racism on their health.
Power is being built among directly impacted women.
The structural environment in communities where directly impacted women and children live are being transformed, and there are investments in conditions that lead to good health.

There is nothing inherent about Black skin that increases risk, but the over exposure to racism (interpersonal, institutional, structural).

- Dr. Monica McLemore -

Revolution is not a one-time event. It is becoming always vigilant for the smallest opportunity to make a genuine change in established, outgrown responses; for instance, it is learning to address each other's difference with respect.

- Audre Lorde -

Resources for Black and Pacific Islander Birthing People

We are aligning our knowledge, resources and efforts to name and repair the impact of racism and inequality on the health of women, mothers and children in our city. We recognize that healthy pregnancies and births are deeply connected to our lived experiences and opportunities.

We want to center the voices, experiences and solutions of Black and Pacific Islander women in our efforts to ensure that every birth in those communities is healthy. Join us and make your voices heard.

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What's Happening In Our Community Today:


The Abundant Birth Project

In the United States, racial disparities in birth outcomes continue to persist with income inequality being one of the key contributors. Structural interventions that reduce the racial-wealth gap are urgently needed and have the promise to narrow longstanding inequities. In a community-academic partnership, Expecting Justice is proposing to pilot the first pregnancy income supplement program in the US which we are calling the Abundant Birth Project (ABP). ABP will provide unconditional cash supplements to Black and Pacific Islander mothers as a strategy to reduce preterm birth and improve economic outcomes for our communities. ABP presents an opportunity to transform San Francisco into a city where all children have a healthy start at life. For more information about the Abundant Birth Project, click here.