How do I apply to participate in the Abundant Birth Project?

The Steps:
1) Complete the online interest form. You will be notified immediately after completing the interest form, if you are eligible to continue forward in the screening process.
2) After confirming you are eligible to continue forward in the screening process, create an Abundant Birth Project dashboard account, click here to create.
4) Schedule your intake call with our Abundance Care Team
5) Complete your intake call with our Abundance Care Team. Intake consists of a series of questions about your pregnancy, living situation, income, and racial identity, and should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.
6) After your intake call, submit your verification documents (proof of pregnancy and residency)
7) If you are eligible you will be placed into the Abundance Drawing (an automated system that will randomly select mamas to participate in ABP)
8) We have a drawing every two weeks. If you are selected, your timeline will automatically update showing you have been selected as an ABP Mama!
9) If you are not selected, you will be automatically re-entered into the next drawing round
10) You can be re-entered into the drawing, up until you surpass your second trimester or 27th week of pregnancy. If you are not selected in this eligibility window, you are no longer eligible for the program.
We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you!

*Please Note: you have the option to exit the drawing process at any time, please contact us at, to be removed from the drawing.